Destiny 2 Freelance and Capture Zone will return for Trials

Destiny 2 fans should expect to see Freelance and Capture Zone in the next update, scheduled for 10 AM pacific time. Although Freelance has been welcomed, Capture Zone continues to divide players.

Destiny Tracker, an account that mainly handles statistics, leaderboards and data, will occasionally dish out news separately from the game’s main feed. So, here’s the announcement from Destiny Tracker:

Freelance is a simple way to keep gameplay balanced, as a solo playlist. This way, teams can’t stack and decimate their enemies. When skilled teams are able to coordinate against teams that can’t, it isn’t challenging enough for one, and basically a waste of time for the other. That’s how most matchmaking in Apex Legends fails, another free-to-play shooter.

Capture Zone has been more controversial, by implementing a totally new game mode. There are two win conditions, where teams can either claim the objective or kill everyone on the opposing team.

This creates a very different feel than traditional Destiny 2 gameplay, and it doesn’t always work as smoothly as Bungie’s previous efforts in Halo’s King of the Hill.

Then again, Capture Zone also feels like a refreshing change of content for some, and invites fans to play Trials when they would otherwise ignore it.

Destiny 2 recently made a lot of Sandbox changes, nerfing the Lord of Wolves weapon and buffing some of the less popular weapons. However, they also mention some plans for the future that worried fans, such as nerfing the “ease of use” for Scout Rifles sometime in Season 18 or 19:

In the meantime, fans are still waiting for Destiny 2’s big August showcase that was announced at the end of July. The next big update is scheduled to have a showcase on August 23rd, 2022, and the devs should cover the highly anticipated Lightfall expansion.

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