Destiny 2 teases Mech Armor for Festival of the Lost

Destiny 2 has just shown off the Mech Armor that fans can expect from upcoming Halloween event “Festival of the Lost”. It’s currently expected to roll out next week, and it’ll run through November. The new skins are drawing plenty of praise, but some were hoping for the monsters to join this season. You can judge for yourself with the promo on Destiny 2’s recent tweet:

Kaiju, monsters and mechs have been very popular tie-ins lately, including the appearance of Godzilla and Kong in Call of Duty, nods to Godzilla and Pacific Rim in Apex Legends, and more. Bungie put out a survey, for fans to choose between mechs and monsters, and the Destiny 2 community ultimately voted for mechs to join the game.

Unfortunately, the monster skins also lost during last year’s survey, between dinos and monsters. So, there may still be some lingering resentment there. Monsters are arguably better suited for the holiday, thematically speaking, and at least the dinosaurs could be related to the horror elements of Jurassic Park. Although, some have argued that the dinosaur skins were promptly forgotten.

Either way, the first look at Destiny 2’s mech armor is pretty impressive, with some familiar colors and designs that seem to reference Gundam. The designs are detailed enough, without losing a streamlined feel. However, more than a few responses have pointed out that the classes didn’t quite receive equal treatment in the new mech skins.

Despite missing out on some monsters, some fans noted that mechs will better support the incorporation of exotics and shaders. In fact, some are hoping for future shaders to help them fill out other specific mech designs.

While the new mecha glimpse may not please everyone, there should still be opportunities for different content in future surveys, which is a very unique opportunity in the industry.

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