Digimon Survive explains new Karma system and effects

Digimon Survive will add some pretty complex mechanics for the visual novel genre, so they’ve finally revealed just how the Karma system will affect your gameplay. This includes some elaboration on score, types, and Digivolution paths.

Here’s the official tweet from PlayStation’s feed, which includes brief footage of the iconic Agumon and some potential decisions:

Digimon Survive has smartly blended the best features of multiple genres. Karma is truly a perfect marriage between fun RPG elements and the trademark consequences of a visual novel.

Karma will be determined by many of your decisions throughout the game, resulting in a “score”. This score will place emphasis on one of three different Karma types, including Moral, Harmony, or Wrathful.

These color-coded types will allow you to create a totally unique personality. This can help players build a deeper compatibility with Digimon that have the same corresponding attributes.

For example, adding more Moral Karma will make it easier to recruit Digimon with the Vaccine attribute, while leaning towards Wrathful will be attractive to Digimon with the Virus attribute.

So, early on you’ll have to decide what kind of Digimon you want to befriend, so that you can recruit them or ask for items. You should also plan ahead for what Digivolution path you want your Agumon to take, since they’ll unlock a different data branch based on your Karma.

Overall, this is a creative way to implement some genre fundamentals. It also gives players more control over the kind of gameplay and story they want to experience.

This adds replay value, and it should also be easy to pick up with clear avenues like good or neutral. However, fans are hoping that it also has more of an impact on the story outcomes.

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