Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom update patch notes now available

Along with the release of the infamous antagonist from “The Lion King,” Disney Dreamlight Valley brings new enhancements and bug fixes!

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s first free major content update is expected to be made available to players tomorrow, October 19th. To start, Disney Dreamlight Valley provides a sneak peek at the next enhancements, bug fixes, and optimizations that will be included with all of the new content that will be made available in the Scar’s Kingdom update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley intends to bring the most enjoyable experience for players. As such, the team has been constantly reaching out to the community and listening to feedback from previous patches to identify the appropriate modifications and enhancements that need to be implemented.

The Scar’s Kingdom patch includes a number of important updates, the most significant of which is the improvement in stability and performance on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. There have also been some changes made to the way that the Founder’s Pack item is granted to players via their mailboxes. This ought to help alleviate several problems that have persisted for a while now. In the event that there is a dispute involving a player’s Cloud Save, players will now be asked via an in-game pop-up to choose which save file they would prefer to sync with.

The new update also addresses a number of issues relating to the gameplay, including a reduction in the intensity of lightning storm flashes, the rain now correctly waters the plant, wild crops (mushrooms, spices, etc.) will now respawn in a different place every morning, among others. Meanwhile, there are also bug fixes that have been implemented regarding several quest progressions, inaccessible object and memory pieces, and Furniture Edit mode.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is dedicated to continuing the process of listening, evaluating, and fixing to address their player’s most important concerns. Check out the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account for additional information about the new contents offered by the Scar’s Kingdom update.

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