Disney Movie Insiders Codes (December 2022)

Disney Movie Insiders allows you to earn rewards by just watching some of your favorite movies and shows at the theater or via Disney+. As you complete tasks or redeem codes, you will earn points which can be redeemed for a variety of great items and swag that is themed around your favorite franchises. If you’re looking for codes that will get you additional points towards these items, we have all the currently available ones in this guide!

When you join and create an account (or if you already have one, login!) on Disney Movie Insiders, you can earn points, which will help you to unlock insider perks and redeem points for other rewards. If you have a Disney+ account as so many of us do… you can link your DMI account to your Disney+ account, which will automatically earn you 25 points and 50 points monthly!

Disney Movie Insiders Codes

  • BERNARD – 5 Points (NEW)
  • OLAF – 5 Points
  • ICEAGE – 5 Points
  • ARENDELLE – 5 Points
  • GROOT – 10 Points
  • FOZZIWIG – 5 Points
  • DRAX – 10 Points


  • PRESENTS – 10 Points
  • YETI – 5 Points
  • WINTER – 5 Points
  • AVALONIA – 10 Points
  • Willow1988 – 25 points
  • Rodentia – 10 points
  • Nativevoices – 30 points
  • Service – 30 points
  • RADIATOR – 10 points
  • DIADELOSMUERTOS – 30 points
  • SPLAT – 25 points
  • AGATHA (25 points, expires 10/31) — answer to unscramble HATAGA
  • LEOTA (25 points, expires 10/31) — answer to unscramble TOELA
  • GILBERT (10 points, expires 11/1)
  • MALEFICENT (25 points, expires 10/31) — answer to unscramble NETLACMEIF
  • WINIFRED (25 points, expires 10/31) — answer to unscramble NFRWIEID
  • COACHMAN (10 points, expired 10/19)
  • ATTORNEY (10 points, expired 9/30)

How to Earn Disney Movie Insider Points

  • Disney+: if you have a Disney+ account, you can link your account and immediately earn 25 points, plus an additional 50 points each month.
  • App: Download the Disney Movie Insiders app to earn 25 points. When you scan movie tickets or enter codes on the app, you can earn more points. You can also redeem for rewards on the go.
  • Monthly Newsletter: When you sign-up for the monthly newsletter, there’s a link in the newsletter to login–when you do this, you can get five points each month.

Those are all of the codes that are currently available for the Disney Movie Insiders program. If you see one that we’re missing, please let us know in the comments so we can add it right away!

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