Disney Speedstorm delayed until next year

Disney Speedstorm, the highly anticipated Kart-racing game inspired by Disney and Pixar characters and worlds, has just been officially delayed until 2023. Originally intended to launch sometime this year, a new release window has not been announced. Disney Speedstorm will be available on PC and consoles.

Here’s the full statement about the delay, which mainly cites the need for more content rather than simple technical issues, such as “customization offerings, game modes and more”:

Although the delay is disappointing, the IP at stake has more clout than typical Mario Kart clones, and certainly owes fans a complete game. At least studios are more open to communication lately, and setting realistic expectations. The statement adds that they will add new updates “over the next several weeks”.

It’s interesting that the Disney Speedstorm delay has less to do with function. Basically, this suggests that the new release window will likely be announced for the latter half of 2023. Polishing a few bugs would hardly take as much time as implementing entirely new game modes and features.

In addition to rewarding players with a clean launch, this also means that fans of the Disney and Pixar IP will be treated to even more freedom. Many Kart racers have successfully been able to phone it in, even those that eventually invested more sincerely later on, such as the Nickelodeon Kart Racers series. It’ll be great to have a more comprehensive experience with Disney Speedstorm.

With language like “years to come” in today’s statement, it looks like Disney Speedstorm is aiming to improve its replay value, which is a very good sign of commitment. Only Mario Kart can truly rely on its brand, thanks to its longtime success, and Mario Kart 8 will barely add wave 3 of its new courses next week.

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