Divine Duel gameplay trailer reveals new VR combat

Immersion Games’ upcoming VR title Divine Duel has just released a new gameplay trailer teasing more of its unique weapons, boosts, and strategies. The devs haven’t committed to a release date, but Divine Duel still seems to be planned for a 2022 launch, on Quest 2 and Steam. The beta playtest begins this weekend, and will run through Monday, October 24th.

You can watch today’s new trailer on Immersion Games’ YouTube channel here:

The steam product page for Divine Duel has always promised “40 weapons, spells, and summons”, but the language made it unclear if that would be counted collectively. Today’s trailer strongly suggests that players will get to toy with over 40 weapons alone. This would drastically improve the volume of content, something that’s really crucial in the VR genre.

Divine Duel has smartly built their gameplay on a strong hook, a fantasy setting that also allows the devs to indulge some of the more outlandish mechanics of VR.

It’s just simple enough to make gameplay easy, since players hardly have to move, and it’s mostly built on equipment usage. But Divine Duel also appears whimsical enough to stand out, with an underlying humor that really suits VR. Dropping structures on someone’s head is the type of unique ridiculousness that VR players tend to enjoy.

Real-time battles would definitely be great, although there will hopefully be some kind of reasonable matchmaking. It seems like it would likely be very easy to get crushed by experienced players, because of the progression system in place.

Overall, Divine Duel promises a slick kind of gameplay that would be easy to pick up, enjoy the novelty, and take a break before the VR experience becomes too overwhelming. The characters and their abilities are pretty neat, and the weapons look varied enough that your duels shouldn’t become stale too quickly.

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