Do Not Open horror game announces November release date

Do Not Open, the upcoming survival horror game inspired by escape rooms, has just announced it will launch on November 15th, 2022. It will be available on PlayStation 5 and PC. It’s also currently expected to release on PlayStation 4 in early 2023, and on PlayStation VR 2 later that year.

You can watch a full trailer for the game on Perp Games’ YouTube Channel:

Do Not Open was developed by Quasar Dynamics and Nox Noctis, neither of which have any previous titles for reference. However, publisher Gammera Nest did champion the surprising little indie Insomnis, another first-person horror puzzler that launched in January 2022.

So, this may alleviate some criticism for Do Not Open’s latest trailer, which didn’t actually describe much of its distinguishable flavors. After all, there have been countless first-person horror games, and titles need a strong, original premise to compete.

While today’s trailer has plenty of atmosphere, the story and imagery aren’t necessarily adding or doing anything new in the genre. Strange kids’ drawings, stormy nights and unreliable narrators are common tropes.

However, although it isn’t clear, Do Not Open will focus on procedurally generated puzzles according to the Steam product page. This system will surely be a natural fit in the survival horror genre, and it’s a smart way to increase the gameplay density.

Do Not Open will likely be more effective as another Virtual Reality horror game. The frantic flooding sequence in Escape Academy is legitimately terrifying without creepy dolls, so hopefully the game will rely more on puzzle suspense than traditional jump scares.

It’s unfortunate that Do Not Open will miss the Halloween season entirely, but at least new trailers should arrive soon, with only around a month to go until launch. Hopefully, the devs will reveal more actual gameplay and in-game mechanics to win over horror fans.

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