Dragami Games reveals Relayer Advanced trailer and release date

Dragami Games confirms the release of Relayer Advanced to Steam and GOG this year.

The original game, Relayer, has been improved and rebranded in the upcoming “Relayer Advanced.” It is made up of an improved user interface, functionality, and content. It is a strategic role-playing game with a setting that has been described as “Stars x Mecha x Greek mythology.” The narrative of Relayer Advanced focuses on a ferocious conflict between Starchild, who was brought to life by the “Will of the Stars,” and Relayer, an intelligent life form that intends to attack Earth. The first official trailer for Relayer Advanced was published by Dragami Games. The game is scheduled to become available on Steam on October 27 and on GOG on November 10.

As an enhancement to the UI of the previous Relayer title, the character and weapon icons are now smaller in Relayer Advanced. Furthermore, the movement and attack range is now outlined by “luminous lines” to improve visibility in the field. However, players can swap between “grid squares” or “luminous lines” in the options menu if they prefer the old grid layout.

Relayer Advance also includes an additional feature called Recollectio which allows the player to replay story scenarios. Some of the scenarios in Relayer are shortened in Relayer Advanced to accommodate smooth play. However, the more extended versions are still accessible through Recollection. This can be accessed by going to “Space Science Reference Room” and clicking “Recollection.”

Relayer Advanced will also be implementing large-scale end content. As such, the “Trial of the Wormhole” stage is made more difficult by adding five stages. It is said that it will be more complicated than the end mission, “Asterism Voyage.”

In addition, Relayer Advance will offer downloadable content as well as set products available at discounted prices. Players will have the option of purchasing Relayer Advanced, the Relayer Advanced EXTRA PACK (which includes the original game in addition to the downloadable content aircraft), or the Relayer Advanced NEXT Aircraft Pack (which consists of 9 DLC aircraft and the Season Pass).

Relayers Advanced promises to provide exciting gameplay regardless of whether or not the player is new to the game or acquainted with the original Relayer. On November 18, there will be a free upgrade for Relayer that will provide users access to the most recent Relayer Advanced updates.

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