Dragon Ball: The Breakers reveals Frieza and release date in new trailer

Dragon Ball: The Breakers was announced 8 months ago, but they’ve just released another trailer with some footage of Frieza and officially confirmed a release date. The game is now expected to launch on October 14th, 2022.

You can watch the full trailer on Bandai Namco’s official YouTube channel here, which surprisingly lasts two minutes and showcases pre-order rewards:

Dragon Ball fans are getting a host of good news lately, between the upcoming crossover with Fortnite and The Breakers updates. The latest trailer begins with some familiar faces and a Kamehameha, the most iconic attack in Dragon Ball lore.

While there’s no actual dialogue in Dragon Ball: The Breakers’ new trailer, it does explain the basics of the game, alongside some footage that is carefully noted as “under development”.

This asymmetrical game pits 7 ordinary humans must survive and overcome a “Raider”, such as Cell or Frieza, who will evolve throughout the match.

The in-game lore for The Breakers has civilians trapped in “an unexpected temporal phenomenon” called a Seam, and they must break out using a Super Time Machine.

This reinforces that it’s sort of an action-oriented twist on classics like Dead by Daylight, which has a group of civilians trying to outmatch a powerful, supernatural threat.

Fans were thrilled to get new footage, although interest waned over the passing months, since there’s been very few updates. Some are more interested in seeing another installment of Xenoverse.

Editions and Pre-Order details

Fans can begin to pre-order Dragon Ball: The Breakers now, which can earn you a special Transphere and accessory. The trailer concludes with a showcase that mainly consists of unique cosmetics.

For example, the special edition pack will reward players with a customizable costume, victory pose, and yellow dragon vehicle skin. Buying directly from the Namco store will get you an exclusive Potara cosmetic item.

However, the highlight of the offers is clearly the special figurine of Cell’s imperfect shell, which measures 9 centimeters in height.

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