Dragon-based city builder Drago Noka announced for Winter 2022

Drago Noka, a resource management city builder set on the backs of dragons, has just gotten an English trailer announcing its release window and platforms. The indie is currently scheduled to release on Steam and the Nintendo Switch sometime this Winter.

The trailer features around a minute of gameplay, introducing key mechanics, characters, and tasks. You can watch the full trailer on publisher PLAYISM’s official YouTube channel here:

The city builder and farming genre has greatly expanded since the rise of Animal Crossing, as they comfortably fit with cheaper visuals and easily garner a lot of game time, making smaller titles appear larger than they truly are.

Each of these new city builders has struggled to find its own hook to define a winning personality. For example, Fae Farm was just announced yesterday, focusing on a fairytale setting filled with magic.

Drago Noka mostly runs through the motions in its announcement trailer, which shows lots of tree chopping, farming, and dialogue with the locals. However, it has also decided to blend RPG elements with its city builder, as players will be doing all of this on the backs of various dragons.

In fact, the trailer concludes with a battle between two massive dragons, squaring off in each corner of the screen Pokémon style. There’s also some gameplay footage of a dragon spreading fire across an 8-bit area.

It all has a very old school charm to it, like a cross between Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda. So far, the game looks like it could be promising, assuming that it makes the most of the premise. However, it does feel more limited in its potential and personality than some other competitors.

You can read more about Drago Noka and other upcoming city builders by checking out the rest of our news section!

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