Duality Games reveals new equipment for Plane Accident

Duality Games, a smaller dev team based in Warsaw, just released some new concept art for upcoming equipment players can expect in Plane Accident, a spiritual sequel to Accident.

Here’s the announcement from Duality Games’ feed, which shows off a promo image of the new Drone Scanner:

Just a couple of weeks ago, Duality Games announced a partnership with the new indie publisher Hook to finally publish Unholy, but thus far they’ve focused on simulation games rather than horror. They’re best known for Barn Finders, but games like Accident and Plane Accident focus on solving mysteries.

In Plane Accident, players assume the role of an inspector who must examine plane crashes and determine the true cause. This involves gathering a lot of evidence and even interrogating people.

Duality Games released a very brief teaser trailer back in June 2022, which showed off a variety of equipment and tools that included everything from fire extinguishers to a board full of clues.

In case you missed it, you can watch the full teaser on Duality Games’ YouTube channel here:

Now, the devs are showing off more modern equipment, including a Drone Scanner and Black Box detector. Authenticity is a large part of any simulation game, a genre that’s been blowing up lately thanks to Power Wash Simulator. Giving players access to such basic gadgets for research is definitely a win, even if they’ve been difficult to incorporate.

The Drone Scanner will mainly be used to uncover the actual planes themselves, although it can also be used to discover “missing pieces of the puzzle” according to the new blog post. In the last teaser, it’s shown as a useful tool in the garage too, after recovering wreckage.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear how much the new Black Box Detector will reveal, though it’s certain to add plenty to the mystery. The grounded nature of the inspection process is a big draw for these games, and planes are definitely a more engaging element than the vehicles in Accident.

You can read more about Duality Games and other upcoming indie titles by checking out our news section!

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