Dwayne Johnson confirms Black Adam will join Fortnite

Fortnite fans will be treated to the addition of Black Adam soon, according to a new announcement from Dwayne Johnson himself. Twitch will host a world premiere livestream tomorrow, October 12th at 6:30 PM eastern time. You can watch a brief cinematic teaser for the character in Johnson’s tweet:

Dwayne Johnson has greatly popularized the Black Adam character in a series of promising trailers, but especially so with the Superman news circulating his introduction to the DC cinematic universe. It’s looking increasingly possible that Superman will be fighting Black Adam sometime in the future.

Johnson’s sheer charisma and talent has earned a tremendous, loyal fandom, as well as the Hollywood clout to match. This should prove very fortunate, since Johnson has been highly vocal about listening to the fans. It’s clear that he sincerely cares about Black Adam and the future of the DC cinematic universe.

Although the DCEU has had a rocky journey, there are definite high points, and an enormous amount of untapped potential. Even some of the more divisive films, such as Birds of Prey or Aquaman, have loads of personality. In fact, The Suicide Squad even resulted in a successful spin-off series. The largest issue is a lack of direction, and there’s no reason Black Adam couldn’t usher in something fresh.

It’ll be a genuine joy to find Johnson’s iteration of Black Adam in Fortnite, and today’s promo has plenty of fun visuals. Of course, it marks the return of Dwayne Johnson to the game, after the Chapter 3 release, where he assumed the role of The Foundation, a key protagonist in Fortnite’s ongoing story. This led to a lot of amusing continuity jokes, but it hardly makes a difference.

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