EA and Omega Force announce trailer for epic fantasy Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts, an upcoming fantasy adventure, has just scheduled a brand-new reveal trailer for September 28th, 2022, at 7 AM pacific time. Wild Hearts is the highly anticipated collaboration between EA and Omega Force, the division of Koei Tecmo that made Dynasty Warriors.

You can watch the premiere trailer on Wild Hearts’ new YouTube channel, which hasn’t uploaded any other content since joining last July:

The thumbnail for Wild Hearts’ trailer matches the YouTube channel’s banner. This concept art establishes what fans might expect to see in a couple of days. Omega Force is best known for their work on the Dynasty Warriors series, but the art design here is very different. It’s closer to Omega Force’s work on Toukiden, which has been likened to Monster Hunter.

Dynasty Warriors has seen a lot of ups and downs through the years. But the hack and slash franchise has spawned countless spin-offs, and many of the titles have earned undeniable affection. The series clearly picked a lane, and has stuck to it, offering button-mashing chaos that lets players destroy entire crowds of enemies with a single attack.

The series has faced criticism for some redundancy, poor graphics, and laughable English dubbing (even if the dubs have an amusing charm). Also, the latest installment attempted to find a new direction, and couldn’t quite stick the landing. So, fans are hoping that the collaborative Wild Hearts could be a comeback story.

It’s worth noting that Dynasty Warriors was set in the Three Kingdoms period of China, so Omega Force already has some experience in recreating ancient settings and cultures. The description for the upcoming trailer reveals that Wild Hearts will be an “epic adventure set in a fantasy world inspired by feudal Japan”, so it’ll be fun to see how they translate that historical period too.

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