EastAsiaSoft Showcase Special reveals new details for 4 titles

Popular game publisher EastAsiaSoft has revealed more information on four different projects in a new showcase special. The featured titles are Sea Horizon, Sword and Fairy Inn 2, The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation, and Xuan-Yuan Sword VII.

The showcase only lasted a few minutes, but you can check out all of the reveals on EastAsiaSoft’s official YouTube channel here:

Sea Horizon

The showcase begins with Sea Horizon, briefly explaining how gameplay works in this turn-based RPG that feels like a roguelike tabletop.

The biggest announcements were for the game’s release. It is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch later this year, then PlayStation and Xbox in early 2023. Play-Asia will also sell a physical edition, which includes an Original Soundtrack. But that’s the only apparent advantage to the physical edition, so it may not be a justified addition to your library unless you’re a completionist.

Sword and Fairy Inn 2

The trailer reveals that this one will launch on Switch later this year too, and “other platforms” are expected in early 2023.

The Sword and Fairy franchise is one of the publisher’s longest running and beloved series. It’s always great to see a port and Western release. However, fans were pretty mixed about this one, with many citing dull gameplay and frustrating mobile mechanics.

The Bridge Curse Road to Salvation

This survival horror game is getting English voice-overs for the first time. It is now expected to release on “consoles” in the first half of 2023. Softstar Entertainment really tapped into something special here, inspired by an actual legend. Even if the graphics fall a little short sometimes, the story and first-person horror elements are executed very well.

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII

The trailer has announced that Xuan Yuan Sword VII will release on Nintendo Switch in 2023, and unfortunately, no other consoles are mentioned. This ARPG has gotten a lot of mixed reviews, but when it does something right, it seems to do it very well. The Chinese mythology is compelling and well-articulated, but it’s been frequently criticized for its short runtime.

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