Elden Ring update 1.07.1 is now available

Image: FromSoftware

Elden Ring has published a patch note for the release of version 1.07.1.

Since its original release in February of this year, FromSoftware’s Elden Ring is constantly supporting the game on all platforms. This support includes rebalancing and fixing bugs. Even though Elden Ring has been well received ever since it was released, frequent updates are still being introduced with the objective of providing the best gaming experience possible.

Recently, Elden Ring released the 1.07.1 update, which provides changes to the game’s balance as well as some bug fixes. This update is downloadable on all existing platforms, including PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/ X|S, and Steam. The following are the major changes that have been included in the most recent patch for Elden Ring:

  • Ash of War – Endure
    • Shortened effect duration. The changes that were implemented in patch 1.07 had a far bigger effect than was anticipated on the overall game balance.
  • Incantation – Inescapable Frenzy
    • In patch 1.07, a bug was fixed in which the amount of FP that was used was not appropriately reduced.

Elden Ring also noted in the patch notice that some of the changes that were mentioned in the 1.07 update patch note that was published on Thursday, October 13 included errors in their descriptions. In particular, the Incantation Flame of the Fell God and Gurranq’s Beast Claw are unable to accumulate charges. The patch notes have been updated to reflect this change. At this time, the Incantation Black Blade does not have its usual follow-up attack when it is performed with the left hand. Nonetheless, this issue will be corrected in a future update.

At the end of the patch notice, FromSoftware made a commitment to continue delivering regular updates to the game’s balance in the future to make playing Elden Ring more enjoyable for all players.

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