Era of Althea Trait Tier List (August 2022) – Best options available!

Roblox Era of Althea is a fantasy RPG developed by Arcadia Productions for the platform. In this game, you will be creating a character and attempting to level them up to gain power throughout your adventure. If you want to know what the best Trait is in the game, we’ll show you which one you should aim for in this guide.

If you aren’t happy with your current Trait, you will need to spin to get a new one. To get additional spins you can pay Robux or you can redeem Era of Althea Codes! Make sure you really want a new one, because you can’t reverse the process unless you happen to spin the one you had before.

Trait importance is largely determined by how you play the game. If you like using swords then obviously Blade Master is more important. Heavy magic users will like Elven Blood. If you find yourself crafting a lot, you might want to opt for Smith! Game Addict is a decent choice when you’re leveling up your character and isn’t very rare.

Era of Althea Trait Tier List


  • Elven Blood (Massive Mana Boost)
  • Blade Master (2x Weapon Mastery & Weapon Damage)


  • Resilient (Doubles Block Bar)
  • Alchemist (Allows you to use Potions faster)


  • Game Addict (+1.5x EXP)
  • Smith (+10% Success Rate Increase)


Always keep in mind with tier lists that they are subjective! This means you don’t always have to abide by what they say is the strongest. If you like a particular Trait then you should just continue with it. You don’t always have to use the top listed option to be strong in a game!

Need more information? Head to the Era of Althea Trello to find answers to your questions. We also have a Era of Althea Snap Tier List that you can use to see which magic abilities are the best.

That’s our tier list for all the Traits in the game. You can find more great content in the Era of Althea section of our website.

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