Even more Need For Speed Unbound images leaked

Need For Speed Unbound, an upcoming installment of the hit racing franchise, has dealt with even more leaked images today. Promptly following EA’s hiccup on their official site, new screenshots of the character, vehicle and world art design have been revealed by Neowing.

Gaming enthusiast @Nibellion offered links for reference, but the images themselves were quickly added to the thread:

The new screenshots have stirred up a lot of cautious optimism from fans, despite some controversy. The artwork is a pretty big departure from the norms, although some acknowledged similarities to Need for Speed Underground.

The images are vibrant, brimming with color and attitude, louder than other installments have been. Even if it doesn’t satisfy all longtime fans, the approach will definitely help distinguish the franchise apart from its competition. The sheer innovation of Need For Speed has arguably dwindled over time, struggling to find its footing among Forza and the like.

Instead of throwing everything at the wall, borrowing elements from other evolving franchises, it looks like Need For Speed is choosing a niche lane and barreling forward. This would certainly earn the new “unbound” title. More than a few responses have agreed these screenshots could mark a reinvigorating path for the series.

The characters do look a little odd, quickly drawing justified comparisons to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. After all, the screenshots do similarly blend a certain level of realism with layers of comic book features.

Although EA is surely frustrated by the leaks, there’s still plenty of buzz thanks to the intrigue. It’ll be very interesting to see the official reveal trailer. EA currently has an official reveal scheduled for October 6th, 2022, at 8 AM pacific time. You can wait for the big premiere on EA’s YouTube channel here:

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