Every announcement from Devolver Digital’s Holiday Special

Devolver Digital hosted a new “Holiday Special” livestream, featuring Cult of the Lamb, Stick it to the Stickman, Terra Nil, Anger Foot, Skate Story and more. The presentation was deliberately bizarre, with the team’s signature sense of humor, including upfront language and self-aware jokes. You can review the full holiday special on Devolver Digital’s YouTube channel here:

Devolver Digital’s comedy sketches continue to be very entertaining, but today’s Holiday Special was a little light on big reveals. It was certainly filled with lots of amusing fake commercials. Devolver Digital even dared to directly address their own lack of concrete release dates during their stream.

While it may have been facetious, the team behind Cult of the Lamb teased that they could be adding a “Bleat” button to every version of the game, and “increasing poop level 200%”. However, there was also an announcement for new follower skins, adding credibility to the future update. Besides, these changes would be in line with the game’s sense of humor.

Skate Story released even more gameplay footage, set to Carol of the Bells. A release window still hasn’t been revealed, so it’s simply due sometime in 2023. The game was announced with a trailer back in June:

There was also a new trailer for Terra Nil, an environmentalist city builder that lets players restore an entire ecosystem. There were a few new glimpses of gameplay, and some narration that elaborates on the key mechanics.

Anger Foot showed off plenty of new gameplay. This bonkers FPS game features a lot of blood and literal kicking. Banking on an arcade-style appeal and raucous humor, it’s currently scheduled to launch in 2023.

Today’s Holiday Special also re-released the Broforce Forever teaser trailer that came out a month ago, which announced more Bros, Missions and Freedoms. The update for this classic run-and-gun from 2014 will roll out sometime in 2023.

There were a lot of trailers that have already been released, or trailers that simply covered games that are currently available, leaving some fans disappointed. The livestream was intentionally odd and messy. However, it was also pretty funny, and several discounts on Devolver Digital games were also mentioned.

You can read more about Devolver Digital and other upcoming indies by checking out the rest of our news section!

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