Evil West has been delayed until November 2022

Evil West, originally scheduled for release on September 20th, 2022, has officially been pushed two months and will now launch on November 22nd, 2022. Developers Flying Wild Hog have explained that they plan to give the game “more polish” and make sure it “reaches its full potential”.

You can review the full statement from Flying Wild Hog’s official Twitter feed here:

The announcement acknowledges the high praise from fans, following the PAX EAST 2022 demo. Evil West is a third-person shooter that combines supernatural enemies with the old west setting, an ongoing trend between Weird West’s continuing updates and the new trailer for Hard West 2.

However, it’s clear that Evil West is going for a much edgier and bloodier approach. It’ll release on a variety of platforms across generations, including PlayStation, Xbox and PC. Since this is noted directly in Flying Wild Hog’s announcement today, it’s possible this played a large role in the delay.

Flying Wild Hog is a Polish developer that’s probably best known for Trek to Yomi, which was also bloody, but more visually unique as a throwback to classic samurai films.

Still, this track record reinforces that the devs will offer up lots of personality in their game. With all of the vampiric monsters in the trailers, the game could potentially end up feeling closer to Remnant: From the Ashes.

The designs all look a little too bulky in the footage that’s been released thus far, but that surely contributes to the overall vision and experience of the game. You can get a better idea of the visuals by checking out the gameplay reveal trailer that premiered back in December 2021:

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