Eville showcases gameplay in official launch trailer

Eville, the newest online player-versus-player game, is now available on a variety of gaming platforms!

Eville is a multiplayer social deduction game developed by VestGames and published by Versus Evil. It is currently available on several platforms, including Xbox One, and Steam for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. In Eville, players will take on a role of a villager and uncover a series of murders.  

The game begins when a mysterious murder took place in the once-peaceful village of Eville. Every day, the villagers will deliberate and choose a new suspect to be sentenced to death until all of the criminals have been apprehended. However, every night the conspirators get together and make the decision to kill one more innocent villager in order to gain control of the whole community.

Each player assumes a randomly assigned role for each session. Players must use their unique abilities and social skills to discover who the conspirator is. In addition to this, they also need to persuade others that they are not a conspirator to survive and win. The following are the roles that may be assigned to each player and their abilities:

  • Detective – A nimble nobleman with an exceptional eye for the truth.
  • Axe Murderer – The blade master that got off the right path.
  • Shape Shifter – No one really knows who she is, and those she tells never see her again.
  • Ghost Whisperer – Has the ability to communicate with the deceased villagers.
  • Slanderer – Never takes the blame for anything. Tries to always frame others.
  • Trapper – A lone ranger with a powerful arsenal.
  • Mayor – Everyone knows him and everyone pays him.
  • Thief – Watch out for this one! Or you’ll have nothing in your name soon.

Along with its release, Eville also presented its launch video, which highlights some of the game’s most exciting gameplay features. Although Eville has been compared to Among Us by some, the game’s trailer has shown that it provides much more than just social deduction gameplay. This is particularly true when considering the game’s expansive map and third-person viewpoint style. Watch the Eville Official Launch Trailer, courtesy of Xbox’s official Youtube channel:

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