Fairytale farming sim “Fae Farm” revealed for Spring 2023

Today’s big Nintendo Direct has officially announced a new game, Fae Farm, a friendly farming sim RPG that supports up to four players. The new Fae Farm trailer includes gameplay, but no concrete release date has been confirmed.

You can watch the full trailer for the upcoming indie, which shows off some of the mechanics, characters and magic, on Nintendo’s YouTube channel here:

Farming sims blew up in popularity after the runaway success of Animal Crossing, and there have been host of titles aiming to capitalize on the genre. For example, the cute and cozy Hokko Life centers on repairing a village, and it is due to release later this month.

It can be difficult for this massive wave of farming sims to stand out, so it looks like Fae Farm has decided to lean into magical properties and realms. That opens up a lot of freedom to create limitless realms, both at launch and in the future.

Otherwise, it has many of the same features seen in its competitors, and they are mostly composed of simple fundamentals of the genre. This includes getting to know residents, crafting, and decorating your home.

However, Fae Farm can also be more easily shared, and that cooperative gameplay might just be the key for this one to find its footing. Many of these farming sims don’t really invite co-op gameplay, not in the sense of shared contributions. It generally involves simple visitations, and players can’t work together. That’s likely a result of the RPG elements in Fae Farm, and it’s definitely a big draw.

Also, Fae Farm seems to have a pretty high budget. The graphics look very strong for a farming sim, and genuinely stands up to all of the classics. That makes a big difference for magical elements of any game.

You can read more about Fae Farm and other popular farming sims by following our news section!

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