Fall Guys gameplay trailer reveals Doctor Who crossover

Fall Guys has just released a new trailer featuring an upcoming Doctor Who collaboration, going by the name “Tardis Treats”. The event will run between November 1st and November 5th, featuring new cosmetics with familiar designs from the hit show. You can watch the full gameplay trailer for Tardis Treats on PlayStation’s YouTube channel here:

Fall Guys does it again, securing one of the biggest IPs of all time. Doctor Who has been a beloved science-fiction series for decades, largely due to its charm, sense of humor, and adventure. It’s been a hugely influential force in the genre, successfully evolving for modern audiences while retaining all of its essential storytelling trademarks.

Of course, there have been a variety of Doctors in the show, so there was no feasible way to please everyone. Fans all have their own favorite, and there are clearly some staples missing in this cosmetic update. But it does open up the door for future additions, since many of Fall Guys’ previous crossovers tend to return with a new character or two.

Adding Doctor Who fits the new season’s sci-fi theme, but it is unfortunate that there couldn’t be a little more for a property this beloved. Surely there could have been new shows or tweaks that would invoke the world of Doctor Who. It had plenty of outrageous and creative dangers of its own, which would make very intriguing mini-games or obstacles.

Today’s new trailer shows off the cosmetics in-game, where they do look very attractive though. The skins are detailed and accurate enough to justify their purchase. Sometimes, crossover cosmetics aren’t noticeable enough in-game, where dozens of beans are running around.

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