Fall Guys leak reveals Sonic the Hedgehog crossover event

According to a recent leak, Fall Guys will be introducing a tie-in with Sonic the Hedgehog, which naturally includes cosmetics, but also a completely new Round to play. Leaked images show off Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Eggman for the event, which is scheduled to run between August 11th and 15th, 2022.

You can check out the leaked images yourself, which show off Sonic’s iconic shoes and other familiar imagery from the Green Hill Zone:

Some of the biggest hints about the upcoming Round come from the image of Sonic’s classic golden rings. It shows ordinary beans, albeit with Sonic’s shoe cosmetics, appearing to collect rings and race through a giant finish line.

The leaked cosmetics really capture the personality of the characters, and Eggman is surprisingly detailed. That isn’t a guarantee in Fall Guys crossovers, since the proportions of the designs can sometimes be distracting.

The crossover will definitely be successful, since it’s adding new content instead of recycling existing Rounds and repurposing them. This was a key strategy for big IP like Assassin’s Creed and Sweet Thieves.

Sonic himself continues to be as successful as ever. Sonic Speed Simulator is still getting new updates and patch notes, and the live-action movies have mostly been praised for their humor and 90’s nostalgia. Jim Carrey is simply a genius, and Ben Schwartz’s wit and energy are a perfect fit for the character.

Most of all, Sonic Frontiers is taking the game series into a totally new direction, and despite some hesitation from purists, it really seems like the devs discovered a way to incorporate open-world gameplay.

The World Premiere gameplay was recently revealed in June 2022, so you can watch 7 minutes of Sonic’s upcoming game on YouTube here:

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