Fall Guys reveals Jungle Book crossover with Baloo and more

Fall Guys is finally bringing back their iconic Jungle Book theme cosmetics, including outfits for Mowgli, Shere Khan, Baloo and King Louie. Fans can pick them up between August 6th and 10th.

Here’s the official announcement from Fall Guys’ Twitter feed, which includes a promo image of the four big outfits players can expect:

Surprisingly, this Jungle Book event is much shorter than the original, which lasted for nine days back in September of 2021. The first crossover with Jungle Book also included a nickname, nameplate and “Jungle Dance” emote, but it’s unclear if these will return too.

The promo image for the returning tie-in matches the thumbnail for the original event’s trailer, so it’s possible that players might get a chance at the other cosmetics too. To have a look at the Jungle Book outfits in-game, you can check out the old 2021 trailer here:

Fall Guys is still barreling forward with constant cosmetic updates, aiming for high-end IP like Assassin’s Creed and trying to manage its new free-to-play format.

The original animated Jungle Book remains a classic, and the live-action remake was one of a precious few that fans have actually praised Disney for.

So, it’s a welcome addition for newcomers to the game, who missed out on the 2021 event. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that the King Louie event will return, with only four days to play, and it does make the update feel a bit like a cash grab.

Hopefully, once Fall Guys finds its footing after the FTP transition, the devs will be able to work on more urgent issues like the frustrating bugs or matchmaking. It’s really odd how many coordinated, try-hard teams can end up squashing newcomers in a title that invites more casual gameplay.

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