Fall Guys shows off Godzilla, Mothra, and more in new trailer

Fall Guys continues to heap on the cosmetics now that it’s free-to-play, and a new trailer shows off some pretty iconic Kaiju costumes. This includes Godzilla, a radioactive Godzilla that represents the 1995 appearance, Mothra and Ghidorah.

You can watch a full gameplay trailer with the upcoming skins on Fall Guys’ official YouTube channel here:

The classic gray Godzilla is actually a returning skin, so not everything here is new. But the designs for Mothra and the rest are undeniably cute, without losing the signature attitude of the characters.

The current monsterverse is still going strong, with some recent news adding more cast members to Apple’s upcoming Godzilla-themed series. The franchise recently made its rounds in Apex Legends too, where Mad Maggie was dressed as Godzilla and Fuse was dressed as King Kong.

All of the characters in the new trailer have fallen at one time or another (especially the perpetual martyr Mothra), so it’s a solid fit, thematically speaking.

Fans are pleased with the cosmetics, but ultimately frustrated with the new prices. After all, winning rounds made more sense when it could result in bigger rewards like this. Some fans are also missing King Kong, who’s a part of the current monsterverse, and faced off with classic Godzilla before.

Meanwhile, the game continues to deal with aggravating bugs or hiccups. Players can get stuck on simple seams or objects that are clearly designed for traffic, making map traversal difficult. And that can make a serious difference in platformers, even for the event shows like Sweet Thieves.

These new Godzilla-themed cosmetics will be available today through July 25th. Fans will also be able to earn a unique nameplate and nickname.

For more updates on Fall Guys’ latest cosmetics, which are furiously tying in with as much IP as possible, you can check out the rest of our news section!

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