Fallout 4 gets a free next-gen update in 2023 for Xbox X/S, PS5 and PC

The hit open-world role-playing game, Fallout 4, will have a free next-gen upgrade on XSX/S, PS5, and PC.

Recently, Bethesda confirms the free next-gen upgrade of Fallout 4 in 2023, improving the game’s overall performance across Xbox SX/S, PS5, and PC. As part of Bethesda’s ongoing celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Fallout franchise, a variety of new features and improvements have been introduced to the games in the series. The main game in the Fallout series is now on its fourth installment with Fallout 4. Even though Fallout 4 is a little behind its predecessor, Fallout 3, Bethesda has plans to update the game and provide players with a whole new approach to engage with it.

The next-gen update for Fallout 4 improves the performance mode features for high frame rates and quality features for 4k resolution gameplay. Players will have the option to choose between better performance or better resolution. There have also been several bug fixes made. Meanwhile, Bethesda added that they will release Creation Club content. However, details regarding the Creation Club content and the date of release of the next-gen update are not yet specified. One thing for sure is that the next-gen update is entirely free.

Together with the next-gen news of Fallout 4, Fallout 76 also received significant updates. A Halloween Event called Spooky Scorched is coming to Fallout 76 from November 25 to November 8. A free daily item is also given to the players at the Atomic Shop. The free daily items include handy consumables to brand-new items. Players can also claim the 25th Anniversary Bundle from November 2, 2022, until February 2, 2023, through the Prime Gaming Rewards. The bundle contains the Vault Boy portrait, Shooting Target Suite, Lincoln’s Lever Action Skin, Lunchboxes, and Bubblegum.

Fans of Fallout 4 eagerly awaits the next-gen update in hopes that the bug fixes will make it more enjoyable for both old and new players as they explore the wasteland.

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