Farming Simulator 22 reveals Gamescom update trailer

Farming Simulator 22 had released a brand-new trailer for an upcoming “Pumps N’ Hoses Pack” for Gamescom 2022, and now fans everywhere can have a look. The new update for Farming Simulator 22 is scheduled to roll out on September 27th, 2022.

You can watch the full gameplay trailer for the “Pumps N’ Hoses” pack on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel here:

The Farming Simulator series has continued to thrive for the last 14 years by adding even more authenticity and potential creativity, with massive additions to the features and tools.

Back in July, the devs announced a giant Platinum Edition of Farming Simulator for November 15th, 2022, which would include a new Pacific Northwest map and 40 new machines. But Pumps N’ Hoses will add over 30 items in September, featuring designs from SCHOUTEN, Stallkamp and BVL.

One of these additions includes umbilical systems with draggable hoses, which would be a terrific idea, assuming that the physics are strong enough to function properly. Some fans are expecting a disaster, since the official site is suggesting that combined hoses can “span hundreds of meters”. The update will continue to focus on manure by adding stationary and mobile liquid separators.

The other big change, however, is the introduction of biogas plant configuration. Players will be able to upgrade a new biogas plant and customize it with modules, right down to a gas torch that burns your excess gasses.

This kind of modern technology plays a large role in the success of the franchise, offering impossible and unique opportunities which are also learning experiences. Either way, farming is a sensible and popular mechanic in countless popular games, such as Roblox’s Wheat Farming.

So, if you remain uncertain about the genre, it may be worth a try. Especially for fans of other sims like Lawn Mowing Simulator or Power Wash Simulator.

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