Farming Simulator Platinum Edition adds Silverrun Forest map and more

Farming Simulator 22 continues to be one of the leading games in its underestimated genre, and now a Platinum Edition with all-new content will be released on November 15th, 2022.

Here’s the official announcement from PlayStation, since fans can begin pre-ordering the game today:

Farming Simulator 22 found a niche approach to gaming, drawing in fans with a nice balance of challenging and relaxing.

The overall sense of achievement is actually really satisfying, thanks to its authenticity. Upcoming games like PowerWash Simulator, which will join the Xbox Game Pass in just a couple of days, wouldn’t exist without it. Microsoft Flight Simulator has a similar appeal, though it’s more complex.

New Map and Machines breakdown

November’s Platinum Edition for Farming Simulator 22 will add a new map called “Silverrun Forest”, inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

This promises woody landscapes, as well as new production chains and contracts. There will also be a shipyard where players can build a boat. The terrain itself should be a novel challenge, but the gameplay mechanics sound pretty familiar.

Fortunately, the devs also promise they’ll announce some new mechanics “at a later date”, which should help spice up the game a little more.

The Platinum Edition will add over 40 new machines, increasing the total vehicles and tools well over 500. This includes cutting edge technology, like the Volvo L200H High Lift, a successor to the L180H that has only just been publicly revealed.

There are plenty of realistic problems that could be unique to the Pacific Northwest, which demand new machines to successfully work in the area. Adapting to such a different environment will definitely make the Platinum Edition the most interesting update yet.

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