Fear Effect Reinvented finally gets a new trailer

Fear Effect Reinvented, an action and stealth remake that’s been in the works for years, has finally shown off new footage in a brief teaser trailer, and also explained key story details for the uninitiated.

The official teaser includes gameplay, a killer soundtrack, and concludes by promising fans that they’ll see a release date “sooner than you think”. You can watch the full trailer on publisher Forever Entertainment’s YouTube channel here:

The original Fear Effect is an action-adventure classic, especially thanks to its innovative cel-shading art design. It’s an unusual look that adds a lot of depth and personality, often seen in sleeper hits like Jet Set Radio Future, which also aimed for a rebellious and dystopian-style future.

Fear Effect has seen a couple of sequels. But odd tangents like Fear Effect Sedna, an isometric installment of the franchise, just didn’t resonate with fans. Sadly, that’s partly due to the indie budget, though certain story elements and mechanics didn’t really line up with expectations.

The remake promises to add new “gameplay, graphics, and controls”, and the original story will officially be expanded across three different campaigns. The point of a remake is generally to add new graphics, controls or mechanics, but adjusting the narrative is a pretty gutsy move.

Since many remakes rely on nostalgia, you could easily disappoint the core audience by taking the story in another direction. So far, the track record for those decisions hasn’t worked out for the sequels, which all received very mixed reviews.

Still, the first Fear Effect came out over 20 years ago, and most of the audience will probably include newcomers. The horror, puzzle, and team dynamics of the game helped make it an instant classic with a unique attitude, so hopefully this remake is only the beginning for the franchise’s comeback.

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