Final Fantasy XVI releases new story-driven “Ambition” trailer

Final Fantasy XVI, the highly anticipated sequel in the classic franchise, has just released a new trailer that focuses on elaborate storytelling. The trailer also includes a few glimpses of gameplay, but the cinematics are juicy enough for most fans.

Sadly, Square Enix still hasn’t narrowed down the release window much, continuing to promote a Summer 2023 launch. The devs tweeted out their brand-new trailer for the upcoming PlayStation hit:

The web of storytelling in this trailer is surprisingly dense, and it does a superb job of balancing the obligatory exposition with some escalating action. The somber tone in the beginning, as well as the faction-oriented setting, will both make the game feel more accessible to gamers outside the Final Fantasy fandom.

The trailer was overwhelming, to say the least, with some powerful music that managed to capture the scale of the game without feeling even remotely corny. Fans have met the trailer with almost unanimous praise, mostly agreeing that Final Fantasy XVI has only continued to improve its potential with every step forward.

However, while the story is now basically guaranteed to become a success, there still hasn’t been much gameplay to review. The few glimpses in today’s trailer look like more of the same, so hopefully there will be some fan-requested improvements.

Ideally, the mechanics will be able to live up to the cinematics, or else the entire story will lose its investment. There’s a brief shot of a boss fight, which just looks too simple for such a visually interesting character.

Final Fantasy XVI is still a long way from launch, and many are expecting even more delays before release, so there’s still plenty of time for Square Enix to showcase some actual map traversal and the like.

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