Finding Paradise reveals Switch port release date in new trailer

Finding Paradise, the acclaimed indie adventure and drama from Freebird Games, has officially announced that it will be joining the Nintendo Switch on November 18th, 2022.

It’s been a long wait, as the game originally launched back in December of 2017. To get an idea of what gameplay to expect, you can review today’s release date trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube channel here:

Finding Paradise is a sequel to A Bird Story and To the Moon, which remains one of the most surprising and impactful indies in the genre. The retro artwork is not a budgetary consequence or marketing gimmick, but a natural instrument for the game to create an emotional experience.

However, don’t let the moody atmosphere convince you it’s at all glum or dull. Finding Paradise remains an adventure game, with interesting mechanics and features, and it never loses sight of entertaining players first.

That’s a tough balance to find, and Freebird Games has managed it three times over. Finding Paradise is a perfect little title for mobile gaming, because it smartly capitalizes on the indie genre to tell a story that feels both epic and small (in the best way).

Strangely, the trailer didn’t include the actual Switch release date. But let’s hope that this wasn’t some simple mistake, and that it was deliberately trying to make a point.

Freebird Games’ titles tend to focus on meaningful narrative dramas, but you might also recognize them from last year’s Impostor Factory, which took their beloved series into a wildly new direction of murder mystery and mayhem.

It’ll be very interesting to see where Freebird Games goes next, and releasing Finding Paradise on the Nintendo Switch is a good start for renewed interest in their ongoing franchise.

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