Fire Emblem Engage showcases Somniel in new trailer

As the release date of Fire Emblem Engage approaches, more details about the upcoming tactical role-playing game are revealed. In a new trailer, Fire Emblem Engage introduced Somniel, the home base of players in the game. Take a look at the Fire Emblem Engage — Welcome to the Somniel trailer, courtesy of Nintendo’s official Youtube channel:

As the Divine Dragon, players may visit the Somniel, a floating fortress, to rest or prepare for the adventure ahead. The Somniel has three main areas of focus – the Plaza, Ring Chamber, and the Arena. 

The Plaza provides access to the armory and item shop. The Ring Chamber is where players store their acquired Emblem Rings. This area also enables players to communicate with the emblems it holds and inherit their skills. As the bond between a player and an emblem strengthens, the player will be able to inherit combat-useful skills from the emblem. Bond rings, which may provide a stat increase when equipped, can also be created in the Ring Chamber.

In the Arena, players may engage in practice battles in order to gain experience among other benefits. On the furthest point of the Somniel stands the Tower of Trials, where players may engage in a series of fights to gain in-game rewards or participate in a variety of trials, such as developing and sharing combat maps with other players.

Apart from the main area of focus, Somniel is surrounded by allies with whom players may interact to strengthen ties. Café Terrace is also available, where players may place orders and dine with friends. Depending on how the meal is prepared, the next combat stats of players and their allies may be altered.

Prepare for battle and connect with allies in Somniel when Fire Emblem Engage launched on January 20th exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Pre-orders are also available now on the Nintendo eShop.

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