Firewall Ultra announced for PlayStation VR2 with new trailer

Firewall Ultra, a sequel to the virtual reality hit Firewall: Zero Hour, has just gotten a new reveal trailer. No release date has been confirmed just yet. Players will need a PS Plus Membership, PlayStation 5 and the PS VR2 to play. You can watch the full trailer, which contains a brief glimpse of some gameplay, on PlayStation’s official YouTube channel here:

Tactical shooters can be difficult enough for devs to nail without the technical restrictions of VR gameplay, since the genre heavily relies on movement and aiming. Both of those mechanics often have problems in VR, and even with some traditional console games, the reticle can feel too stiff or the movement too choppy.

And yet, Firewall: Zero Hour quickly became a fan favorite, successfully translating the most beloved features from its clear influences like Rainbow 6. So, it’s a welcome surprise to see that Firewall is still pushing the technical limits of PlayStation’s VR systems.

While there are mostly cinematic moments in the new trailer for Firewall Ultra, the graphics from the actual gameplay look very rewarding. And all of the features teased at the end sound very promising, assuming the game can achieve them properly.

The trailer also teases new contractors and locations, although that should be expected from any genre or platform. Otherwise, it may as well be considered DLC, regardless of the tech improvements. Tactical games require changes like that to keep players interested. After all, mastering new lines of sight is both fun and an equalizer for new players.

The teaser concludes with a splash page of features, such as finger touch detection and foveated rendering, which means it’ll be using an eye tracker to adjust peripherals. These could be pretty impressive, and definitely suggest that Firewall Ultra could be the same trailblazer its predecessor was.

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