Fnatic defeats Furia to enter Valorant Champions Playoffs

After a series of close matches in VCT 2022, eSports team FNATIC has officially overcome the juggernaut Valorant roster from Furia. Here’s the hard-earned celebration tweet from Fnatic:

The defeated Furia team not only put up a remarkable performance, but swiftly released a gracious congratulation over Twitter for the victorious Fnatic org:

Furia has consistently shown up with high-skill turnouts across a variety of games, but Valorant has truly been one of their highlights. Founded back in 2017, Furia has brightly represented Brazil and other South American players. They have only earned even more fans today, even though their exciting trip to Istanbul has finally come to an end.

And although their impressive performance has quickly been praised by fans, some die-hard fans of Fnatic were none too pleased with the close shaves, feeling that the tournament didn’t really need to become a nailbiter. An enormous amount of pressure fell on Enzo to get the clutch.

However, it seems clear that Furia simply rose to the occasion, and both teams were simply evenly matched. It definitely came down to skill and quick-thinking, but it could have been anybody’s match from the beginning. Besides, narrow victories are always very entertaining to watch.

Still, it could be something of a wake-up call for Fnatic to change some of their strategies, and although Furia clearly looked disappointed, they should have a lot of confidence in their Valorant future. They defeated a number of fierce competitors as well, and they should be considered a serious threat going forward.

Overall, it’s also great to see so much support for both teams, instead of any kind of toxicity from the players or fans. Now, it’s time for fans to look forward to the playoffs, as teams compete for the massive $1,000,000 USD prize pool.

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