Fortnite announces upcoming John Cena cosmetic set

Fortnite has given fans a look at some upcoming John Cena cosmetics, which are scheduled to release on July 28th at 8 PM eastern time. Some prominent leakers, such as @FNBRintel, also revealed a glimpse at the content in-game.

Here’s the official John Cena announcement from Fortnite’s feed, which shows off two different styles and a rare harvesting tool:

Fans quickly replied with heaps of praise and “you can’t see me” jokes. Players will be able to get their hands on an Entrance Gear and Ring Gear Style, as well as a “Five Digit Slapper” harvesting tool and champion belt Back Bling.

You can check out the cosmetics in-game early thanks to leaker @FNBRintel, who showed off half a minute of footage with John Cena’s set:

The emote received nothing but positive responses from fans, and even features Cena’s intro music. For now, the outfits are strangely considered epic rather than categorizing Cena with the Icon series. However, that’s likely to change, since the championship belt is still titled “TBD”.

John Cena is sure to be a popular purchase, given his recent rise as Peacemaker for The Suicide Squad that earned him a standalone series.

Cena has simultaneously joined Rocket League, another hit title that’s free to play, in an update that’s due the same day as Fortnite’s tie-in. Here’s the official announcement from Rocket League’s feed, showing off a vehicle with more of Cena’s iconography:

Overall, the Fortnite set looks to be plenty of fun. Although some players have criticized some of the recent cosmetic choices, nearly any post for any game has some arbitrary declaration that the title “fell off”. Ultimately, player population is healthy, and the sheer volume of content has been widely praised.

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