Fortnite has officially confirmed a Dragon Ball Z crossover

Fortnite fans just got their first official announcement for a Dragon Ball Z crossover event, which is expected to roll out on August 16th, 2022. The promotional image and phrase refer to the show, where Dragon Balls can be used to ask for wishes.

Here’s the big tweet from Fortnite’s feed, which was met with an equal share of excitement and frustration:

Although some fans have expressed how annoyed they are by Fortnite’s continuing trend of relying on existing IP rather than creating original content, this commonplace negativity was quickly outshined by heaps of praise and likes.

Ultimately, all of the “L” or “mid” comments don’t amount to anything constructive or impactful. Dragon Ball Z continues to be a beloved franchise, thanks to its blend of fantasy, martial arts, rich lore and cleverly bombastic animation.

Of course, Fortnite has only confirmed the Dragon Ball Z leaks from July. These included datamined mechanics for players to use the famous Super Saiyan mode for Goku and Vegeta, in the form of an emote. The leaks also dug up some challenges that players will need to complete, such as Strength Training, Focus Training, Recovery and more.

Dragon Ball Z has been successful in its own titles too, including a popular show at EVO 2022 with Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Then there’s Dragon Ball: The Breakers, which just had a new trailer for Frieza. It’s a creative spin on Dead by Daylight where ordinary citizens must survive the might of a powerful villain while attempting to escape a temporal phenomenon.

And last month, some breaking Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3 leaks suggested that it could be releasing sometime in 2024. The Xenoverse series has mostly been met with praise for its combat mechanics and growing features.

You can read more about Fortnite and Dragon Ball’s latest updates or leaks by following our news section!

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