Fortnite leak teases new Phantasm level up quest pack

Fortnite fans will have the chance to unlock some new cosmetics and quests on August 18th at 8 PM eastern time, according to a recent leak from @FNBRintel. The leak includes a follow-up tweet with an in-game image of the cosmetics:

For the uninitiated, Fortnite occasionally releases “level up quest packs”, which include both new cosmetics and a series of challenges to complete.

For example, Monarch’s level up quest pack from February 2022 featured Monarch, special back bling and a wrap. Completing a certain number of levels unlocks the cosmetics, and levels are acquired by collecting Level Up Tokens in various locations. These collection quests roll out each week.

This doesn’t add much content, since the challenges aren’t unique. But it does give players something new to do, especially if they’re a fan of the cosmetics. The responses have generally been positive, with a simple yet tactical design that has more quality than some of the other level up quest packs.

Lately, Fortnite has been offering a parade of crossovers with popular IP. Today’s big event was the Dragon Ball Z tie-in, although the last couple of weeks have also seen a crossover with Rocket League for the championships and even John Cena.

The new level up quests haven’t been identified yet, but the leak shows off Phantasm and the upcoming cosmetics. These kind of level up quests packs can usually be purchased in-game for 1200 V-Bucks.

Until August 18th, Fortnite fans have plenty to try out with the Dragon Ball Z event, which has added a Nimbus Cloud mobility item, quests for an adventure island and more. For a recap of all the new content, here’s Fortnite’s official tweet:

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