Fortnite leak teases Saint Academy Quest Pack and Goals

Fortnite fans have gotten a thorough sneak peek of next week’s upcoming quest pack, thanks to a leak from @iFireMonkey. The leak includes shots of how the entire set will look in-game, as well as the quests that players should expect. The Saint Academy Quest Pack is expected to roll out on October 24th, 2022, and last through November 20th, 2022.

Naturally, the vampire cosmetics are a perfect addition to the Halloween season, with fun Saint’s Legacy bat wings and her High Stakes harvesting tool. They’re noticeable enough without becoming too loud and distracting mid-game.

Although the quest pack doesn’t include very much, the price tag for these cosmetics would be pretty reasonable at $7.99 USD. That’s unusually low for any free-to-play game, let alone Fortnite, so it’s an easier to way to be festive without breaking your wallet. Sometimes, cosmetics can get really out of hand, especially with all of the popular IP tie-ins.

The flavor text for the daily bonus goals can be a little corny, but there’s a few genuine chuckles in there. And the fans are certainly pleased about the connections to Victoria Saint. That’s because one of the daily goals brings up a sister that “ran off”, and they “don’t talk about her”. It’s always surprising how much lore that Fortnite can pack into the smallest updates, rewarding longtime fans.

Also, the 1,000 V-bucks is a nice gesture, even if it may have been more beforehand. The quest pack is a welcome surprise, since Fortnite is already doing so much to celebrate Halloween. A new Fortnitemares trailer dropped with the new update just a couple days ago, adding horror hits like Ash Williams and werewolf claws.

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