Fortnite leakers decrypt upcoming Hulk bundle

Thanks to a variety of Fortnite leakers, an entire Hulk bundle of cosmetics has just been decrypted for fans to get a sneak peek at upcoming back bling, a “Hulk Smash!” emote, and a pretty divisive pickaxe. Here’s a look at the decrypted cosmetics courtesy of @iFireMonkey, an invaluable contributor for the Fortnite community:

In one of Fortnite’s strangest decisions, the classic Hulk Smashers pickaxe that released back in 2020 isn’t built into the bundle. Presumably, the devs didn’t want to corner players into using an old pickaxe, but its absence does feel thematically disappointing.

Instead, fans will get the “Demolisher” pickaxe, which implies that Hulk is using rubble. Although it makes sense, fans haven’t found it very appealing. Even the gladiator axe from Thor: Ragnarok would have been preferable.

It’s also unfortunate that Bruce Banner hasn’t been incorporated in some way, but at least there’s still a variant that might include the classic purple pants, given the purple scarf. Hulk doesn’t wear much, so it must have been tricky to think up some back bling, so the Gamma Chamber isn’t bad. The Hulk Smash! emote was absolutely necessary, at least the devs understood that obligation.

Even though She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was received poorly from most MCU fans, it was still fun to see more of the Hulk himself, and Mark Ruffalo’s interpretation of the character has definitely made him more accessible and rewarding over the years.

It’s great to see the Hulk get some love from Fortnite, and it did make fans wonder if other Marvel characters could be returning sometime soon. After all, there has been a parade of MCU references already, and certainly plenty of Spider-Man.

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