Fortnite leaks reveal Super Saiyan emotes for Dragon Ball crossover

A host of new Fortnite leaks are unveiling juicy details about the upcoming crossover with Dragon Ball, teasing an emote feature that will allow players to go Super Saiyan. This should be available through the Goku and Vegeta characters.

Multiple sources have dug up the mechanic, as seen here with frequent Fortnite leaker HYPEX:

For the uninitiated, “Super Saiyan” refers to a powerful state that can be achieved by the Saiyan warrior race, once they’ve accumulated enough S-cells. Afterwards, this power can be accessed at any time, and the process transforms them.

So, presumably the emotes would also transform players into the alternate character designs, offering even more cosmetics than expected. The Super Saiyan concept remains one of the most iconic and beloved aspects of the Dragon Ball mythology.

According to other leaks from HYPEX, the new crossover with Dragon Ball is now expected to launch sometime in the next one or two weeks. This will begin with some map changes near the foundation statue, with an umbrella and chair:

Oddly enough, Fortnite’s official Twitter feed has just revealed that an unrelated Anime Legends Pack will debut in October of 2022, as a gold signature original:

This would have been a perfect tie-in with the Dragon Ball concept, so it’s strange that the two updates didn’t coincide. Competing FTP shooter Apex Legends only just announced their “Gaiden” anime event today, and the skins pale by comparison. While Apex covers a variety of anime cosmetics, Fortnite’s sheer volume of content continues to go uncontested.

Fans of both Dragon Ball and Fortnite have been pleased with the news overall. Just yesterday, fans caught a glimpse at some of the challenges to expect, coming from a variety of leakers. These challenges will focus on martial arts, and should run across seven weeks.

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