Fortnite leaks tease Goat Simulator 3 crossover

Fortnite leaks have revealed in-game teases for a bizarre Goat skin, hinting at a potential crossover with Goat Simulator 3. According to @FNBRintel, the skin has no shop assets yet, so they believe purchasing the new Goat Simulator will unlock it:

Consequently, this skin might be expected to release after Goat Simulator 3 launches on November 17th, 2022. Many Fortnite fans were pretty displeased with the leaked images, but the skin technically represents the irony and silliness of the Goat Simulator series.

The biggest selling points of the Goat Simulator series are its zany physics, amusing skins, and open world freedom. The devs are at their most creative when players can simply explore and mess around, with points of interest that invite unexpected chaos and humor.

Goats can kick, lick, and interact with their strange environments in the best way, and each game or expansion has encouraged fans to cause disaster.

This series sort of plays to a niche audience, but there are still plenty of loyal fans. Its co-op support also makes it more of a party game, so it’s best played with friends.

Goat Simulator 3 was a true surprise, announced back in June with a genuinely funny trailer. If you aren’t familiar with the series, the announcement trailer should give you a good idea of its sense of humor:

The posture and intentionally ridiculous design as seen in today’s leak are basically an inside joke, which means that some Fortnite fans will probably despise it. But like the Goat Simulator series itself, it succeeds at what it intends to do.

A lot of the playfulness in Fortnite will probably be a good fit for the tie-in, especially compared to other IP. Some crossovers have simply felt totally out of place.

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