Fortnite leaks tease Hulkbuster could appear soon

According to multiple reliable leakers, including @HYPEX, @Egyptian_Leaker and @Ghost4RiderHU, Fortnite fans might expect to see the famous Hulkbuster join the game soon. Here’s one of the tweets, which notes that Hulkbuster is going to show up in the next Fortnite x Marvel Comic:

Fans were not only pleased with the news, but also quickly acknowledged that the mechs were recently update in-game. Alongside the comics appearance, this would line up perfectly with a Hulkbuster addition, and it would also explain why there’s no Hulk skin to accompany the update.

The Hulkbuster scene is widely considered one of the best in Avengers: Age of Ultron, which was equally memorable and messy. The story contended with the introduction of multiple new characters, including Vision and the tricky approach to Wanda and Pietro. But the action set pieces had serious money and creativity, so the Hulkbuster remains a standout.

Right now, gamers can already operate the Hulkbuster in Marvel’s Avengers, where it feels downright unstoppable. It leaps around, stamping and slamming enemies, while also allowing fans to fire its fist and other weapons in Iron Man’s aresenal.

Fortnite mostly has a successful past with Marvel, including a battle pass from season 2 that included a variety of classic Marvel skins, and there’s also been a lot of Spider-Man themed emotes, skins and more. The Hulkbuster would be a terrific way to add a different experience while continuing that winning Marvel streak.

It should be expected to operate the same way as the existing mechs, and although no release date has been confirmed, it should either tie in with the comic book or closely follow that release.

Some fans have been frustrated with the massive parade of IP crossovers, but Marvel is a beloved IP that most will happily invest in. You can read more about Fortnite’s latest updates and leaks by following our news section!

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