Fortnite leaks tease the return of 50v50 LTM

Fortnite first added the 50v50 limited-time mode years ago, and according to the frequent and reliable leaker @HYPEX, a 40v40 version should be expected to enter the game soon. @HYPEX found a default mode called “Big Battle – Zero Build”, as well as some of the other big changes to the classic LTM:

Fortnite hasn’t officially announced anything yet, since they’re currently focused on the Dragon Ball Z crossover. The only update from the devs today was the unvaulting of Pirate Cannons:

For a long while, Fortnite fans have basically had to settle for the Team Rumble mode as an alternative to 50v50. But this only included two teams of 16 players, and hardly produces the same amount of chaos or urgency, especially since players can respawn.

The new version of 50v50 will lower the team player count to 40, but @HYPEX notes that the storm will be even more powerful. The storm has been escalated before in order to prevent teams from healing instead of fighting each other. With a stronger storm, smaller teams of 40 are still more likely to run into each other instead of hanging around the fringes.

There will also be no respawning again, which is generally the signature of any key Battle Royale game. It forces players to think more critically, instead of wandering around without any kind of strategy in mind.

@HYPEX also explains that players should expect skill-based matchmaking, which continues to be one of the most elusive features in the industry, especially for free-to-play games. But with such massive teams, and no respawning, skill-based matchmaking would be very crucial for balanced gameplay.

50v50 has always been one of the most beloved LTMs in the game, thanks to its great mechanics and a healthy dose of nostalgia. No release date has been confirmed.

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