Fortnite pro mitr0 exits Team Liquid and Fortnite Competitive

Star Fortnite player mitr0, who has earned countless fans over the years, has officially announced a departure from Team Liquid and the entire Fortnite competitive scene. The stunning move has already seen hundreds of replies, mainly full of support for the star’s future.

Team Liquid was first to break the news on Twitter, but it wasn’t until mitr0 followed up on their own feed that they’d be leaving the pro scene altogether:

At first glance, some fans thought the news involved Team Liquid’s Counter-Strike Global Offensive star nitr0. In fact, it’s all about Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie, from the Netherlands. He first joined Team Liquid on January 22, 2020, and he’s been a largely consistent player since joining their roster.

mitr0 quickly thanked the organization for their support over his illustrious career. mitr0 boasts a staggering 1 million followers on Twitter, and nearly as much on Instagram, winning over fans with a personable attitude and countless wins.

At this time, mitr0 hasn’t elaborated on the decision to depart the popular organization and pro scene. The fans still showed plenty of love though, and they were almost unanimously disappointed in the move. mitr0 represented a large portion of Team Liquid fans, so the organization will surely need to find their footing soon.

The organization has gone through a lot of rugged changes already, in recent days. The League of Legends team didn’t quite work out as successfully as they’d hoped. And yesterday, Team Liquid announced they’d be allowing their Apex Legends team to seek out new representation, which fans have assumed is due to EA:

Regardless of Team Liquid’s troubles, the organization will surely be fine overall. In the meantime, fans can at least look forward to mitr0’s next career move, and he’ll likely continue regular content.

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