Fortnite trailer teases Evil Dead’s Ash, Howler Claws and Horde Rush

Fortnite has released a new trailer for today’s “Fortnitemares” event, a Halloween tradition for fans. The trailer surprised casual fans with gameplay of Ash Williams, the lovable rascal and horror icon. The teaser then revealed slashing Howler Claws and the return of Horde Rush. It also confirmed that Fortnitemares will run until October 31st, 2022, at 11 PM pacific time.

You can watch the full trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel here, but elsewhere, IGN warned fans to expect flashing lights:

Last year’s Fortnitemares included some nods to the vintage Universal Monsters, which was definitely classy. It also tied in with Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which was a little divisive, since it retreaded the original film while introducing sincere grief as a focal point.

However, it’s safe to say that Howler Claws and Ash Williams ditch the seriousness and lean towards the fun side of Halloween. According to the trailer description, the actual DJ Sara Landry created a full mix for this year, which is a nice touch.

Wolfscent, Slash, and Airslash seem to have very simple hack-and-slash mechanics, when players get their hands on Howler Claws. That could be a little dull once the novelty wears off, but it should still be entertaining enough. And the werewolf theme should be broad enough to satisfy all horror and Halloween enthusiasts.

Horde Rush returns with a very simple twist, transforming it into a Zero Build mode. Building definitely made Horde Rush a little too easy before, since creating cover made it simple to mold battles as you see fit. So, it’ll be interesting to see how this mode plays without such a key mechanic.

Players will contend with Cube Monsters again, which migrated to the center of the island to create a Convergence last year.

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