Fortnite Waiting in Queue Message or Error: Why & How to Fix

If you’re trying to login to the Fortnite servers and are seeing “waiting in queue” message, you might be wondering why and how you can fix this error. Fortnite has implemented a queueing system to manage player volume.

As a result of a major update like Chapter 4, Season 1, you and lots of players, both casual and enthusiast alike, are excited to check out the new content, map, and items. If you attempted to log-on between midnight PT and 4AM PT, you may have found yourself unable to login because all servers were offline for Epic Games to apply the v23.00 update that adds Chapter 4, Season 1.

However, if you’re trying to login after 4AM PT, then you may find yourself just one of many, many players trying to do the exact same thing. This tends to result in slower servers, lag, and worse, a queueing process, which is when Fortnite is trying to manage how many players are actively playing and on their servers at a particular time to try to preserve the gaming experience for everyone else playing.

Can you fix Waiting in Queue in Fortnite?

Unfortunately, this is intended as a feature, not a bug of or an error, so there’s no way to fix it. Your best bet is to wait in the queue–it almost always goes faster than you think as lots of folks give up!–or to do something else and come back in an hour or a few hours (depending on your patience!).

Keep in mind, the time for bugs to be discovered is often right after a major update is installed and played, so if you don’t have a lot of time or patience, it is best to chill for a few hours and let others discover the problems.

There are a few known issues already, including one that is having a major impact on Android players, so you might want to check into the latest status updates and known issues to see if one of those is impacting your playing experience.

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