Fortnite x Last of Us skins collab rumored by leakers

Epic Games and Fortnite have now been long associated with collaborations with various media entities across all sorts of different types. We’ve gotten movie, music, brand, and everything else in terms of themed skins. Something more recently they’ve been doing is bringing in well-known video game characters into the game. It now appears that the well-known The Last of Us franchise might be next.

According to a variety of reliable leakers, it looks like the collaboration will be taking place at some point in September 2022. This would obviously make sense seeing as The Last of Us Part 1, which has been “rebuilt” for PS5, will be releasing on September 2nd and arriving on PC at some point in the future.

The leaks have also shown that both Ellie and Joel will have their own outfits, which will more than likely contain a variety of related items to the game for their back blings, harvesting tools, and gliders. It is unclear on whether or not this will be in a pack or sold in pieces.

While some collaborations don’t make a lot of sense coming to Fortnite, it is hard to argue with characters from this franchise making their way into the game. Although, the bleak nature of The Last of Us does seem to be in stark contrast to Fortnite’s more glossier attitude.

Nothing official has been released from Epic Games or Naughty Dog, but you will likely expect additional information to come out soon as the release date of the game isn’t far off.

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