Gearbox Publishing announces Risk of Rain Returns launching in 2023

From Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing, Risk of Rain Returns is an action roguelike game that has been carefully and beautifully remastered. The remastered version of Risk of Rain features the original icon roguelike adventure with unique loot combinations, new Survivors, a reworked multiplayer system, and beloved content from Risk of Rain 2. 

The announcement trailer for Risk of Rain Returns showcases what players can expect from the game, including updated illustrations and graphics, an epic soundtrack, and much more.

In Risk of Rain Returns, you’ll hone your abilities and skills, discover Survivors, and proceed through challenging runs. Along the way, you’ll uncover the secrets of an ancient design lying dormant beneath the Petrichor V.

It’s your job to carve your way through the enemy’s front lines. With the 15 new and unique Survivors, who have unique skill sets, you can forge new paths and explore the world around you. You can also hunt the Brilliant Behemoth and enjoy watching as your most boring attacks erupt into fiery explosions. 

What’s great about this remastered version is that the multiplayer mode has received a much-needed update. So, in this version, you can play solo or with friends. You can choose Survivors that complement each other and have synergistic abilities or select ones that look cool. 

While fighting to the surface, you’ll also come across cargo, which can serve as your redemption (meaning the items will help you move faster, do more damage, or jump higher). 

Other items are a little more dramatic, such as the rare Ukulele, which strengthens your attacks through electrifying music. This may come in handy as there are several dangerous monsters and mysteries on the planet, and they’re not too keen on interlopers. 

With 10 Artifacts to choose from, each of your runs will be different, so you’ll never get tired of trying something new and finding new ways to play and enjoy Risk of Rain Returns. 

Risk of Rain Returns is the remastered version of a classic action roguelike, launching on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch in 2023. Be sure to check out our Latest News section for more great content!

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