Genshin Impact leak reveals new Dendro Elemental Reaction

Along with the many anticipated features of the Genshin Impact version 3.0 is the addition of new gameplay mechanics, specifically the new Dendro Elemental Reactions. Recently, leaks have revealed some specifics regarding the new Elemental Reactions!

Genshin Impact 3.0 update not only opens the Sumeru region but also introduces the Dendro Vision. While there are already a few Dendro enemies that players may encounter, such as Dendro slimes and Dendro Samachurl, players were still clueless about a playable Dendro character’s gameplay. As such, the Dendro vision remained a mystery until the 3.0 beta went live, and dataminers have shared some details regarding the Dendro Vision and Dendro characters.

Likewise, using a Dendro skill may cause new Elemental Reactions. Some Elemental Reactions between Dendro and other elements have already been revealed in earlier leaks. Among the leaked Dendro Elemental Reaction is the Hyperbloom which happens when Dendro, Hydro, and Electro are combined. It is claimed that triggering Hyperbloom reaction may spawn projectiles and deal Dendro Damage to an affected enemy.

Recently, a Reddit post provided some further insight on the Hyperbloom Elemental Reaction in a video. Specifically, the leaked content reveals that Hyperbloom does not inflict self-damage. In the video, the Traveler is in Dendro form and able to use a Dendro Elemental Skill which creates a Dendro lamp that drops Dendro Core. The player then used Kokomi’s Elemental skill followed by Fischl’s charged attack on the Dendro Core. The Dendro core exploded or created Sprawling Shots but did not result in the player taking any self-damage. Self-inflicted damages are common in other Elemental Reactions such as Burning and Overloaded.

The leaks regarding Dendro Elemental Reaction have added to the anticipation that has been building up ahead of the release of Dendro Characters and the Genshin Impact 3.0 update in general. Nonetheless, there may still be changes to the leaked contents from beta. In any case, the premiere of the 3.0 Special Program livestream will provide confirmation of further details about Dendro Elemental Reactions.

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